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A well designed website is essential for any business to make its mark on the Internet, after all, its your image that’s at stake.

At XCEL Web Design, we believe that a good website is not just visually attractive to the viewer, but is also designed in a way where the web designer has a good understanding of the way people will interact with the website, and as such, increase the chances of getting the desired result from each visitor.

For example, if you sell products on your website, its important to ensure that the website not only has good quality visual attractions (i.e. images and flash), but is also user friendly and the shopping cart is easy to use – an over-complicated website just turns people away from using it basically.

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At XCEL Web Design, our designers have a strong understanding of this, and work with you to make sure you get the best results possible from your website. To ensure we get this right, we work closely with you at each stage of the ‘design and deliver’ process.

Our Website Designers have years’ of experience of designing websites and working closely with customers to make sure the website is designed to its achieve the desired results. To do this, we employ a ‘5 stage strategy’. The stages are listed below. To find out more about each stage, please click the relevant one.

The 5-Stage Strategy

Stage 1 of the Web Design process is where our web designers work with you to identify exactly what you want your website to achieve. For example, are you a national business looking to increase your profile or more of a local business looking to increase your revenue.

In other words, what is the objective of your website? What exactly do you want to achieve from it?

Once we know what you want to achieve from your website, we will design the site structure and have it approved by you. If you are not happy with the structure, this can be changed until you are satisfied with it, before proceeding to Stage 3.

Part of the site structure might include special sections that are designed to increase traffic from major search engines. Our Web Designers are all trained in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and will discuss this with you before you approve the structure.

The Design Stage is about making sure the website matches your existing branding, colour codes etc. It will also test for compatibility on the commonly used browsers, as well as testing for mobile/smartphone compatability.

This area is a technical area that our web designer will handle in consultation with the client.

Stage 4 of the Web Design process is about creating and inputting the content into your website.

Our Web Designers are trained in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and will ensure the content that goes into your website is search engine optimised, but more importantly, user friendly and can be understood clearly and concisely. To ensure we get the best result (i.e. optimised content and content written for conversion), our web designers will work with you to tweak the content so it doesn’t compromise either of the above (SEO or Conversion); or, we will tweak the content for you.

This is a crucial part of the web design process, and to reiterate, it is important that content is not written for search engines but more so for for the user experience, as this increases conversion. Our position on this is that there is no point in writing content to attract the traffic, if the traffic being attracted doesn’t convert into the desired result (i.e. a sale or an enquiry).

This is about developing the website into one that is robust and offers flexibility in case you need to change the content etc.

Once complete, our Web Designers will also monitor your website to ensure it is updated as necessary and that any security holes arising over time, are closed. We often use CMS platforms for our websites as this allows us to also add extra functionality such as Social Media integration as well as many other features (for example, the login function at the side of this form that takes you to the customer control panel).

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