Rhodes Joinery & Building Services

Brett runs a small to medium business sized Joinery and Building Contractors firm in Elland, Halifax.

Brett came to us after having been with one of Britain’s biggest communications companies (we can’t really name them here) for 18 months on their hosting packages, with a site he had designed using their system – he wasn’t really get much traffic or enquiries from that and couldn’t really find himself on Google, but hey, there’s a lot bigger joinery and building contractors out there aren’t they, so what would you expect?

Well our ambitious designers advised him to “think big” and aim for Page 1 of Google – and took over his site development and optimised it – 6 months later, Brett finds himself receiving enquiries from the site and what do you know, he’s on Page 1 of Google for generic search terms like

“joinery and building contractors” ;

“building contractors that work all over UK”; and

“joiner in Huddersfield”

Given that its usually larger companies that would search for “builders that work all over the UK”, it’s not a wonder why Brett’s business picked up…

Now, page 1 is all great, but where exactly on Page 1 is Brett?

We monitored the ranking for a few months. We first checked the site on 17 March 2011, and then on 3 May 2011; here’s what we found

Search Term March May Improvement*
joinery and building contractors Page 2, Position 2 Page 1, Position 7 + 5 Positions
building contractors that work all over UK Page 1, Position 7 Page 1, Position 1 + 5 Positions
joiner in Huddersfield Page 1, Position 9 &10 Page 1, Position 1 + 9 Positions

*The improvement shown is the progress made on the website in 7 weeks between 17 March 2011 and 3 May 2011.

We were quite proud of that and Brett was quite pleased, so we decided that we’re not going to stop there – we’re going to tell everyone and help anyone who wants to be seen by potential customers.

There is a down side however… Brett did get a lot of companies emailing and ringing him to tell him that they can help his site to be found… well, they may well be able to BUT, they obviously found it quick enough.

You might be wondering, that must have cost a fortune… it didn’t cost Brett anything other than the web design fee… but don’t take our word for it, ask Brett – you can contact Brett through his website – www.joinerinhuddersfield.co.uk

If you’ve got a website to attract customers, then give us a call and we’ll only be too happy to put

YOUR BUSINESS in front of the WORLD